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April 20th, 2018

Mornings are the worst for Erica. She has trouble waking up and always seems to wake up horny with not enough time to do anything about it. This morning she woke up a little early and decided she was going to get herself off before getting ready for the day. She stripped off her sexy nightie and started rubbing her tender clit. Once she was soaking wet she got on all fours and imagined a guy behind her thrusting his hard meat pole into her pussy as she fingered herself. She had to bite the pillow to stop from yelling out so loud that everyone in the house could hear her. After cumming the first time she decided to hit the shower and used the pulsating shower head to get herself off one more time. With all kinds of regular updates the satisfied members of Karup’s Hometown Amateurs are always up to date with the hottest amateur girls on the planet doing everything your wicked heart could desire.

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April 19th, 2018

Ariel is a sexy college coed who has a little bit of a wild streak. She got a new cell phone and decided to really break it in. The phone has a great camera in it so she took some pics of herself and liked how they looked. She pulled off her tight tank top and took some shots of her perky little tits then peeled off her tight little shorts and eased out of the panties. She kept snapping the pictures as she got fully nude and posed on the chair. She got some great shots of her perfect ass and fully shaved, smooth pussy. When she was done she sent the pictures into Karup’s Hometown Amateurs. They took one look at her sexy body and immediately included her pictures in their next regular update.

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April 18th, 2018

Erica slept in one day so when she woke up all her roommates were already gone to class. She walked out to the kitchen in her bra and panties and got a drink of water. The cool air on her hot body turned her on so she started rubbing herself right there in the kitchen. She took her bra off and rubbed her tits, tweaking her nipples and making them stand erect. She could feel herself getting wet so she dropped her panties to the floor, slid a finger inside herself and went to town on that wet pussy. She made herself cum right where her roommates had eaten breakfast. If anyone walked in they would see her, but she was so horny she didn’t care who saw her. Karup’s Hometown Amateurs is filled with sexy amateur coeds doing all kinds of naughty things. These girls are just away to college and going wild all over the place.

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April 14th, 2018

This sexy amateur babe’s name is Penelope and she might look sweet and innocent, but she is a real sexy beast behind closed doors. She was horny as hell one night and couldn’t get a guy to come over to her place so she hooked up her webcam and started to strip for a guy she knew online. She didn’t want to mess around, she wanted to cum, so she got naked fast then sat down on her bed and started rubbing her clit. Knowing that a guy she had never met in person was watching her as she got herself off really made her wet and made the whole thing that much hotter. I wonder how she will feel when she finds out all of the satisfied members of Karup’s Hometown Amateurs are now watching her as she gets wild online. Check out the site to see her and other amateur girls in action.

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April 13th, 2018

Bella is a sweet college girl that loves to be naked. She doesn’t have a boyfriend right now so she has to take care of her sexual needs on her own. She lowered her cute little dress and flashed her perky small tits then let the dress hit the floor and danced around in her high heels and panties. As the panties came off her hands found her shaved pussy and it felt so good she dropped to the floor, rolled over on her back and spread her legs wide open. She used one hand to spread her pussy open and the other to rub her clit. It didn’t take long before she was screaming with an intense orgasm. Amateur girls like Bella are all over Karup’s Hometown Amateurs. They add so many new hot girls to the site that they are updating all the time just so you can see who is new and who is horny.

This sexy amateur likes to keep it all natural.

April 11th, 2018

Chuck had been talking to this chick in one of his art classes and finally got her to agree to let him take some pictures of her. They went back to his place and he grabbed his camera. She started out innocently enough, but then he asked to see her naughty side and she didn’t hesitate to start taking off clothes. When her shirt came off he saw her nice little tits and he was pleasantly surprised to see a nice big bush when she slid out of her panties. She laid out flat on her back and pulled her legs up so he could get some great shots of her bush. The satisfied members of Karup’s Hometown Amateurs have gone crazy for this girl. She is flexible, fun and willing to try anything once. Check out the site and see what they are raving about.

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April 8th, 2018

This cute amateur girl had always had a wild side to her and one day she finally decided to let it all hang out, literally. She crawled up on her bed, turned on her webcam and hooked up with a guy she had met online a few weeks before. She started posing and showing him her body then she pulled off her jeans and exposed her tight little thong. He wanted to see more so she took off her shirt and bra, yanked her thong off and laid back on her bed fully nude. She spread her legs and let the webcam zoom in on her shaved pussy as she began to rub and play with it. What she didn’t know was that he had hit the record button his cam and he got video of the whole things. Karup’s Hometown Amateurs got their hands on the hot video and put the pics and video on their site during one of their many regular updates.

Shellie user her fingers and toys to get off.

April 5th, 2018

Shellie is a horny amateur that likes to be watched. She turned on her webcam then did a hot striptease, easing out of her clothes and strutting around the room in her bra and panties. Once she was naked she laid back on her couch, spread her legs wide open and slid two fingers into her wet pussy. That felt good, but not good enough, so she grabbed her toy and buried it in that tight slice. She fucked herself with a vengeance, drilling herself out and making herself cum so hard she nearly fell off the couch. The first orgasm was just the warm up. She kept the camera going as she put the toy so deep in her it hit her g-spot and sent her over the edge one more time. Karup’s Hometown Amateurs got their horny hands on the video and put it up on their site during one of their regular updates. Now the world gets to watch her get off.

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April 2nd, 2018

Jasmine has a smoking hot body, but it was a shame that she had never showed it off. One afternoon she decided to change that. She set her camera up in her back yard and let it roll as she pulled her shirt off and showed off her nice huge tits. She wasted no time getting out of her skirt then slowly stripped off her panties, bending over and running her hands over her round ass. Once she was fully nude she sat down in her chair, spread her legs open and showed off exactly how tight and pink her pussy was. Karup’s Hometown Amateurs is filled with amateur babes like Jasmine who love to get naked and play just for the fun of it. With tons of regular updates there are always hot new girls to have fun with.

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March 31st, 2018

Sasha is a sweet amateur girl who had never had sex on camera so she was a little nervous when her boyfriend suggested they make a porn movie. Once the camera was rolling he wasted no time pulling her panties to the side and licking her pussy. She gave back and sucked his cock then got up on top of him and impaled herself on his hard dick. She rode that cock, bouncing and bucking on his dick like a horny cowgirl. Her pussy was so wet and tight he couldn’t hold out very long so he pulled out and busted a hot nut all over her perky little tits. Karup’s Hometown Amateurs put the movie and pictures up on their site and now all the satisfied members of the site get to see Sasha’s first on camera fuck.