Rachel breaks in her new bed.

February 8th, 2018

Rachel went away to college and got her first apartment. The first thing she did when she got the place was run out and get a new bed. She had always wanted a canopy bed like this so when the delivery guys left she wasted no time getting naked and laying down on it. She laid back and let the lace curtains fall over her naked body. It felt so good that she was cumming just seconds after she started fingering her pussy. She laid all the way back and let her entire body be enveloped by the lace and sheets as she slid her finger deep inside her and fucked herself until she came again. Now all she needed was a guy to bang her on this hot bed. The girls of Karup’s Hometown Amateurs like to fuck and play just for the fun of it and knowing that all the satisfied members of the site are watching just turns them on all the more.